Manga – Male Head

The Head
Male Head

You will find that drawing the male head is just the same as the female head. Just with a few variations to remember. Follow steps 1-3 above.

  • Remember that male characters tend to have angular features.

  • Due to gender, the eyes, nose and mouth will vary. For the eyes, male characters generally have narrower and smaller eyes. The eyebrows, much like the eyes can, give so much personality to the character. If you want to draw a serious and bold look, eyebrows should be drawn with more thickness and shape. If you want to portray a sexy or seductive look, draw the eyebrows flat and thin.

  • Follow step #5. The mouth and nose may vary according to your style. For this tutorial, let’s keep it simple.

  • Note: There might a slight indication of the nose’s bridge. This feature is oftentimes omitted to many female manga characters.

  • Style the male hair accordingly. The hairline may vary per character. You can draw the hair whatever you like as long as it flows. Just like the female character, remember to add volume in the hair.

  • Finish it off by adding emotions in to face.