Manga – Female Head

The Head

Female Head

Let us first learn how to draw the head of a female manga character. With practice, you will master drawing this in just 8 easy steps.

  • Draw an ellipse. Draw a line straight down through the ellipse and another line across it. Use these basic cross lines when drawing manga faces. In this tutorial, the character is facing front
  • Contour the face. Add chin and cheeks. Remember that female faces are less angular than male. Their jaws are slightly shorter and cheeks are rounder.
  • At the top of the head, draw a round curve bigger than your first ellipse.
  • You can draw the eyes at the center line. Note: the distance between     both eyes is the same as the width of one eye. It should always be above the cheekbones.  The pupil of the eyes should be beneath where the light glares as it makes the eyes ‘pop’. If you are trying to draw the right eye, you should draw the “highlight or the light source” at the top-right corner, and make a smaller highlight at the bottom-left corner. Do the opposite for the left eye (big highlight at the top-left, small highlight at the bottom-right). Female iris is larger than males.  Their eyes are more detailed.
  • Draw the mouth in between the chin and the nose.
  • The length of the ears should be the same as the distance between the nose and eyes
  • Depending on the style that you want, add the hair. Volume makes the hair look full and bouncy.

  • Finish the head with desired emotions.